Timeshare Exit & Credit

Could exiting my timeshare affect my credit?

Whether you are current or behind on mortgage payments or maintenance fees, this is typically a client's main concern. Fortunately, you can have peace of mind. At Royalty Exit Solutions, we've tailored our process to include our clients' credit protection ensuring you and your family are getting the best service possible from the very beginning.

Credit monitoring

During the timeshare exit process, a significant number of clients at Royalty Exit Solutions have either already suspended or choose to suspend payments to the timeshare company or homeowners’ association. In such instances, Royalty Exit Solutions provides clients with an exceptional credit monitoring and repair service to safeguard their credit.

Trusted Partner

Let us introduce you to our trusted partner:
Since 1998, Credit Authority has had their team of experts comb through the credit reports of our clients and uncovered innumerable inaccuracies. This means that numerous creditors incorrectly report late payments, charge-offs, and other negative items on your credit report.
Therefore, we utilize consumer protection laws to swiftly eradicate negative information from your credit report. Typically, this improves your credit score with the three major credit bureaus.

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