Understanding and Addressing Deceptive Practices


Misrepresentations of Timeshare Sales

Timeshare salesmen may deceive owners by advertising guaranteed buyback plans or attractive resale chances. They may inflate timeshare demand or imply the resort or developer will repurchase the ownership. Real repurchase programs are rare, and the timeshare resale market is generally oversaturated.

Misleading statements

Misleading Statements regarding Maintenance Fees and Assessments: Salespeople may understate timeshare expenditures, such as annual maintenance fees, special assessments, and other recurring charges. They may promise owners that these fees won't rise. However, upkeep bills can skyrocket, burdening owners.


Exchange Programs and Availability Misrepresentations: Timeshare sellers may overestimate the simplicity and flexibility of exchange programs, where owners can stay at other resorts in a network. They may promise plenty of selections and guaranteed availability even during peak seasons. However, finding appropriate exchanges is difficult and supply is restricted.

Hidden Charges

Hidden charges and Compulsory Upgrades: Salespeople may conceal future charges or upgrades. They may not explain that timeshare owners must buy expensive upgrades or that renting particular amenities or services incurs hidden fees.

"Trial" programs

Deceptive "Trial" Programs: Some sales presentations offer "trial" or "preview" programs to attract owners to try the resort. These programs can be sold separately from timeshares. However, the tiny print often includes long-term contracts or unclear cancellation rules.

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