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At Royalty Exit Solutions, we specialize in helping timeshare owners navigate contract termination, especially those facing financial or medical hardships. Our experienced attorneys ensure a streamlined and hassle-free exit process.

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At Royalty Exit Solutions, we serve timeshare owners, especially those facing financial or medical hardships. We commit to a smooth exit process, only accepting cases where we're highly confident in achieving contract removal.

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Your Trusted Timeshare Exit Advocates

Royalty Exit Solutions is a well-established timeshare exit company with over a decade of experience in helping timeshare owners navigate the intricacies of contract termination. Recognizing the challenges that timeshare owners face, we provide a straightforward, cost-effective solution grounded in legal standards. Our seasoned team, backed by a wealth of industry knowledge and legal expertise, tailors each timeshare exit strategy to the unique circumstances of our clients.

What sets us apart in the timeshare exit industry is our commitment to providing a comprehensive service, with a keen focus on our clients' best interests. We uphold the principles of transparency, honesty, and professionalism in all our interactions, earning us the reputation as a reliable partner in your journey towards financial freedom. Explore our services and see why countless timeshare owners trust Royalty Exit Solutions to regain control over their finances

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What we do

Our Services

Initial Consultation

We start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your timeshare obligations and your goals for exit, ensuring we can tailor the best exit strategy for you.

Contract Analysis

Our experienced team meticulously reviews your timeshare contract to identify potential exit strategies and legal recourse options, ensuring a clear path forward.

Attorney Assignment

Every client's case is assigned to a seasoned attorney who specializes in timeshare law, providing you with expert legal guidance throughout your exit process.

Exit Strategy Planning

We work closely with you and our legal team to devise an efficient, cost-effective exit plan, tailored to your specific circumstances and designed to protect your interests

Contract Termination

Our legal team undertakes all necessary actions to dissolve your timeshare contract legally, freeing you from your obligations while maintaining the utmost professionalism.

Post-Exit Support

Even after your timeshare contract is terminated, we're here to offer support and advice, ensuring you can move forward with confidence into your timeshare-free future.

Our Team Has Over 10 years of Experience

At Royalty Exit Solutions, the depth of experience runs deep. Our founders, with a noteworthy 12 years at a leading firm, successfully navigated over 10,000 clients towards financial relief, accumulating savings of an impressive $100 million. That same expertise and dedication underpin our work here. When you choose Royalty Exit Solutions, you’re placing your timeshare exit in the hands of seasoned professionals who are steadfast in their mission to advocate for timeshare owners. We strike the perfect balance – bringing you the warmth of a trusted friend and the confidence of a skilled expert.


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