Timeshare Recission Period: Your Lifeline for Escaping a Bad Deal


Did you know that after signing a timeshare contract, you might have a short window to change your mind? That’s where the timeshare rescission period comes in – a crucial legal right that can potentially save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.

Understand the rescission period, your right to cancel within a specific window.Learn how Royalty Exit Solutions helps even after that period, offering expertise and a personalized approach to contract termination.

Understanding the Timeshare Recission Period

  • Your Legal Safety Net: 

The rescission period is a state-mandated window of time immediately following your timeshare purchase during which you have the absolute right to cancel the contract without facing any penalties or needing to justify your decision.

  • Protecting Buyers:

Its primary goal is to shield you from aggressive sales tactics by giving you ample time to review the contract, research timeshare ownership, and consult with independent advisors without pressure.

  • Not a Universal Guarantee: 

It’s essential to remember that while most states have rescission laws, some countries might not offer this protection. Do your due diligence to understand the regulations in the location where you purchased your timeshare.

What is a Timeshare Rescission Period?

In simple terms, the timeshare rescission period is a state-mandated timeframe during which you can cancel your timeshare purchase without penalty. This period is designed to protect buyers from high-pressure sales tactics and allow them time to carefully consider the long-term implications of timeshare ownership.

What You Can (and Should) Do During the Rescission Period:

  • Contract Deep-Dive: 

Don’t sign a timeshare contract without first reading it in its entirety. During the rescission period, dissect it again, looking for:

  • Escalating annual maintenance fees
  • Unforeseen special assessment clauses
  • Restrictions on booking dates or resort choices
  • Transfer or inheritance policies
  • Seek Professional Counsel


An attorney specializing in real estate or timeshare law can guide you through the legal complexities, clarify contractual terms, and identify any red flags.

  • Assess Your Finances

Do you honestly foresee being able to comfortably afford the ever-increasing maintenance fees for years to come? Can you set aside additional money for the unexpected special assessments that often accompany timeshare ownership?

  • Trust Your Gut

If you’re having doubts or sleepless nights, take it as a sign. It’s far better to change your mind early on than be trapped in a contract that doesn’t align with your lifestyle or financial goals.

What Happens During the Recission Period?

During the rescission period, you have the right to:

  • Review the timeshare contract thoroughly.
  • Consult with an attorney or financial advisor.
  • Cancel the contract for any reason whatsoever.
  • How to Cancel During the Recission Period.

How to Exercise Your Right to Rescind

While the rescission period offers a powerful tool, it’s crucial to execute the cancellation process correctly to ensure its validity. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Understand Your Contract’s Instructions

Your timeshare contract is the ultimate authority on the rescission process. It will explicitly state:

  • The exact length of your rescission period
  • The specific address, person, or department to which you must send your cancellation notice
  • Acceptable methods of delivery (certified mail, hand-delivery, etc.)

Written Notice is the Gold Standard

Even if your contract permits verbal cancellation, always prioritize written notice for indisputable proof. Prepare a clear and concise cancellation letter that includes:

  • Your name, address, and contact information
  • Timeshare purchase date
  • The contract number
  • A simple statement expressing your intent to rescind the contract
  • Your signature and date

Choose the Right Delivery Method

To ensure timely receipt, consider these options:

  • Certified Mail with Return Receipt

This provides a tracking number and a signed confirmation upon delivery, giving you the strongest evidence that the timeshare company received your notice within the deadline.

  • Hand-Delivery

Request a dated and signed receipt acknowledging that the company received your cancellation notice. This is a viable alternative if you’re close to the deadline.

Timing is Everything  

Don’t wait until the last minute. Aim to submit your cancellation well before the deadline.

  • Account for Delays 

Even reliable delivery methods can sometimes face unexpected delays due to weekends, holidays, or unforeseen events.

  • Beat the Deadline

Submitting your notice a few days early can provide peace of mind and ensure you won’t face challenges later due to tight timelines.

Important Reminders

  • Keep Copies 

Make multiple copies of your cancellation letter and all proof of delivery documents. Store these meticulously for future reference.

  • Follow Up

If you don’t receive confirmation from the company within a reasonable time frame after submitting your cancellation, follow up. Request written acknowledgment that your rescission has been processed.

  • Refund Timeframe 

Rescission laws typically dictate that the timeshare company must return your deposit and any other payments within a specified period (often 20 days) after receiving your cancellation notice. Monitor this closely.

Additional Considerations

  • State-Specific Variations

While the general process is similar, some states may have additional requirements or slightly different procedures. It’s essential to check your state’s specific regulations.

  • Seeking Legal Counsel 

If you have any doubts, are unsure how to interpret your contract’s language, or encounter any complexities, consulting with an attorney specializing in timeshare law is always a wise move. They can ensure you protect your rights and avoid potential missteps during the rescission process. Companies like Royalty Exit Solutions have seasoned timeshare law attorneys on their team. They offer free consultations to assess your individual case and outline the best path forward, even during the rescission period.

Why Taking Action Is Essential

  • Escalating Costs

Timeshare maintenance fees tend to increase annually, outpacing inflation and straining your budget year after year.

  • Limited Usage

Restrictions on booking, availability issues, and the hassle of exchanging points can diminish the enjoyment you initially envisioned.

  • The Burden of Inheritance 

Sadly, timeshare contracts may pass on to your heirs if not dealt with, leaving them with an unwanted financial obligation.

Don’t Let a Timeshare Dictate Your Future

If you find yourself in a timeshare that’s causing significant financial stress or doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore, know that you’re not alone. Taking action is crucial to regaining control of your finances and peace of mind.

  • Start with the Rescission Period

Immediately after signing a timeshare contract, pay close attention and act swiftly during the rescission window.

  • Beat the Deadline

Submitting your cancellation notice as early as possible is crucial. Even with certified mail, delivery delays can occur. Aim to have it officially received by the company several days before the deadline.

What if the Rescission Period Has Expired?

While the rescission period offers the easiest way out, there may still be options even if the deadline has passed. Here’s where companies like Royalty Exit Solutions come in. They specialize in helping timeshare owners

  • Options Still Exist

While the rescission period offers the most straightforward exit, your journey to getting rid of an unwanted timeshare doesn’t end if you missed that window. This is where the expertise of reputable timeshare exit companies like Royalty Exit Solutions shines.

  • Legal Firepower

Their team of seasoned attorneys deeply understands the complexities of timeshare law, identifying loopholes and potential grounds for contract termination often overlooked by the average consumer.

Why Choose Royalty Exit Solutions?

  • A Focus on Results 

They take a success-driven approach, accepting cases with a high potential for favorable outcomes. This ensures resources are invested where they have the best chance of achieving your desired goal – freedom from your timeshare.

  • It’s All About You

Recognizing that every timeshare situation is unique, they craft personalized legal strategies for maximum impact. They understand that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works in the complex realm of timeshare law.

  • A Track Record of Success

Their extensive experience in navigating the intricate world of timeshare contracts translates into leverage when dealing with timeshare companies, allowing them to negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength.

Avenues for Timeshare Exit Beyond the Rescission Period

While missing the rescission deadline can feel disheartening, there are still potential pathways to get out of your timeshare contract.  Royalty Exit Solutions employs a multifaceted approach, carefully evaluating your specific circumstances to determine the most viable strategies.

Scrutinizing the Sales Process

  • High-Pressure Tactics

Were you rushed into signing with limited time to review the contract or make informed decisions?

  • Misleading Statements

Were you given unrealistic promises about availability, rental potential, or the ease of future resale?

  • Omitted Information

Were crucial details about fees, restrictions, or limitations withheld or glossed over?

  • State Law Violations 

Did the sales presentation or contract breach any of your state’s timeshare-specific regulations?

Transferring or Donating: Possibilities and Pitfalls

  • Transferring Ownership

Some timeshare companies, but not all, allow transfers to family members. Consider if this truly removes the burden or saddles someone else with an unwanted asset.

  • Charitable Donations

Potential tax benefits might exist, but charities are often reluctant to accept timeshares due to the ongoing liability of maintenance fees. Thoroughly research charities that specialize in timeshare donations and any potential tax implications.

Reclaim Your Future: Break Free from Your Timeshare

The clock is ticking on your right to rescind a timeshare purchase. If you’re feeling hesitant, listen to that inner voice. Canceling your contract within the rescission period could be one of the best financial decisions you ever make.  But even if that window has passed, you’re not powerless. Don’t continue down a path lined with escalating fees and potential frustrations. Contact the experts at Royalty Exit Solutions for a free personalized assessment. Their seasoned attorneys will meticulously examine your situation and outline realistic options for escaping the timeshare trap.

You deserve the freedom to travel on your terms, to manage your finances without the stress of unpredictable timeshare expenses. Take that first step toward a brighter future. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your unique situation and how we can help you achieve the freedom you deserve. If you would like to to learn how to find a reliable timeshare attorney, click here

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